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What to Expect from Start to Finish After Choosing Worktop FX

You have just heard about us through our social media campaign, or just surfing the web and scheduled a free no obligation quote, what’s next?

To start out, one of our skilled Worktop FX installers will arrive at your house at the scheduled time. The duration of your free quote will be the installer measuring the job you are looking to have done, looking at all design possibilities open to you, and answering any questions you may have about the installation, process, or product itself.

Shortly after the installer looks at the job you will receive an estimate, job timeline, etc. If this works for you, and you respond to the installer, the job will begin soon depending on the timeline chosen between you and your installer!

Before the installation, our installer will provide a sample using the colours and design you have discussed. The best part of epoxy is being able to customise it exactly to your liking!

Your installer will tell you about any prep needed on your part ahead of time. This could include moving furniture, objects off worktops, buying anything new for the project such as a sink, etc.

Our installers are happy to help with moving any heavy appliances, just let them know ahead of time! They are there to help make your install as smooth as possible. You may need to make plans to not use your kitchen for a day or two. Your installer will work this out with you before the project starts so you know exactly what might be off-limits or still usable during the installation!

Once the job has begun, we urge you to give your installer room to move and do what he does best! He knows exactly what you’re looking for, and is in the process of creating it. That being said, it is your house! Do not be afraid to mention anything you don’t like, want changed, etc. Epoxy is a flexible material and can be manipulated up to an hour after being poured. During the process there are no fumes, so your house is 100% safe for you, your children, and your pets.

After your installer has finished pouring and designing your project it needs time to cure. He will return the next day to make sure everything settled correctly, and to finish any last minute details.

That’s it! In a matter of days your project is finished and you are left with brand new, gorgeous epoxy worktop completely customised to you and your home.

Feel free to visit our Facebook page, website or google account and post pictures of your finished product, leave a review, etc.

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