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My Grout Has Discoloured - How Do I Fix It?

If you're looking at your once-beautiful tiled surface and thinking it looks tarnished by discoloured grout, then RecolourKing could offer you an easy, cost effective solution to a regrout or a complete rip out!. After all, who would want to spend a fortune on unnecessarily ripping out you beloved tile when we can make it look brand new for a fraction of the cost?

One of the newest trends in grout is grout recolouring.  RecolourKing utilise's brand new grouting technology to recolour grout with our colour compounds to completely renew the look of your discoloured grout. 

Our grout colour compound sealing service is unique in that its completely non-porous - meaning once applied, any dirt or liquid will just sit on top until wiped away. It will NOT discolour, leaving you with fabulous looking grout for the foreseeable future.

If you have been thinking, “How do I change the colour of my grout,” you may well have seen DIY solutions, such as 'painting your grout' or 'grout pens'.  Our experience on visiting customers who have previously tried these solutions show that in the majority of cases they only only work short term - especially in the areas directly below and to the side of the shower unit where the 'grout paint' started to peel away.

Its always best to get the advice of a professional before carrying out any work - our quotes are free and no-obligation.

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