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The Impact of Grout on Your Tile’s Appearance

Discoloured and/or mouldy grout will cause your tiled surfaces to appear dirty and dingy. Consider professional grout rejuvenation by RecolourKing.

Have you ever seen a shiny new car with a dented or scratched door? We often cringe at the sight of something beautiful, which is bedraggled by imperfections, minor as they may be. If looking at your bathroom, kitchen, or floor tile is starting to get you down, contact RecolourKIng to discuss the ways that we can improve your tile’s appearance.

Our innovative grout rejuvenation offers high-impact results.

It only takes two visits from RecolourKing’s professional grout and tile technicians to bring your tiled surfaces back to their sparkling best. The first visit, we will offer a custom in-house grout rejuvenation consultation for any or every tiled surface in your home. After this visit, you will receive a complete quote, with no hidden or additional costs to come after we have completed your project. The next visit, we will bring your grout back to its former glory using our unique grout colour compounds. RecolourKing’s grout rejuvenation service is usually completed in one visit. Best of all, the grout is now super easy to maintain and will last for the foreseeable future!

Our grout colour compounds can totally change your tile’s appearance.

What is the original colour of your grout? Don’t remember? Don’t know? If you are not the first owner of your home, you might not even realise the true intended colour of your grout. Your grey or brown grout might have originally been white. Years of use and everyday cleaning rituals can take the vibrancy and luster right out of your grout. If you wish for a deeper colour or a more vibrant colour for your grout, RecolourKing;s grout colour sealing is for you! Our grout colour compounds are applied after a thorough cleaning and can be applied in colour that will either enhance your grout’s appearance, or completely change it.

RecolourKing's professional grout colour sealing service will leave your tiled areas fresh and clean – and look beautiful too! But perhaps the biggest benefit to our professional grout rejuvenation services is they can extend the life of your tile!

Your tile’s appearance is directly impacted by your grout’s appearance. Bring your tile and grout back to life with professional grout rejuvenation by RecolourKIng.

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