WorkTop FX Epoxy Resin Worktops - Who are we and what are the benefits?

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WorkTop FX Epoxy Resin Worktops - Who are we and what are the benefits?

WHO ARE WORKTOP FX?Part of the nationwide umbrella brand RecolourKing, WorkTop FX are experts in epoxy resin worktop installation. Working closely and training with the global market leaders, DIAMONDCOAT, you can be rest assured that our installers will bring to you the highest quality products and customers service. WHAT ARE EPOXY RESIN WORKTOPS?

Epoxy resin worktops are famous around the world for their mechanical properties and resilience. Epoxy resin has a unique process called curing. Our particular epoxy is 5 times stronger than concrete and 15 times thicker than the majority of other epoxies on the market, making it hard to argue with its durability. Epoxy can be mixed with colours to create a completely custom look for your home.


Unique Custom Designs

Work with our installers to create a unique custom design. Whether its a marble look, granite, or your favourite colour - the possibilities are endless!


Our epoxy resin is zero Volatile Organic Content (VOC) epoxy, meaning there are no solvents or harmful odours during or after the installation. It is also food safe and non-toxic.

Low Maintenance

Our epoxy is seamless, there are no joints in the surface that attract bacteria. It is also non-porous meaning any spills will easily wipe away.

Heat Resistant

Our epoxy is heat resistant up to 260°C. While working in the kitchen, a hot pan can be placed directly from the hob or oven onto the worktop safely.


Our epoxy is rock hard with an impact and scratch resistance of 15,000 psi. Each coating is 100 mills and 5 times stronger than concrete.