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Looking for a tile regrouting service? Think again

We all know trying to keep grout clean can be a nightmare, needing plenty of manual scrubbing. Then, the time comes when you need to look for a tile regrouting service, but, you might want to consider a cheaper, less messy and more effective alternative, which is cleaning and recolouring your existing grout.

GroutGleam has a range of 9 different coloured compounds. Our compounds chemically bond to the existing grout creating a uniform grout colour that not only looks great but also repels dirt, oil, soil, urine and other contaminants - meaning the grout will just wipe clean, so no more scrubbing.

This service is perfect for old, tired and permanently stained grout lines.

Even if your existing grout is crumbling and missing in places, we can clean and patch the existing areas that require treatment, then recolour.

Recolouring is quicker, cheaper and causes less mess – it can also transform the look of a wall, floor, kitchen or bathroom.

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