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Bad Grout = Bad Looking Tiles

Ever noticed how discoloured, dirty or mouldy grout also causes your tiled surfaces to also appear dirty? RecolourKing has a permanent solution to keep your grout clean.

Can you remember what the original colour of your grout used to look like? If you recently moved into a new property you probably won’t even know what the original intended colour of your grout was supposed to be. Your black or brown grout might have originally been white! Years of footfall and bleaching can take the original colour away from your grout and make it unsightly. Cleaning may now longer be able to return your stained grout to its original colour. Here at RecolourKing we may just have a solution that will leave you fabulous looking tiles and easy clean grout!

After performing an initial cleaning and/or skim of you existing grout we then apply our grout compound that has been specifically designed to chemically bond to grout. its non-porous, so will not discolour and has anti mould properties. Applications to wall grout will last for as long as you keep the tiles, we advise 5 years on floor grout just because of consistent footfall. Most jobs are usually completed within in a day and the grout is usually all dried before we leave the job. Best of all its super easy to clean – any dirt will just sit on top and can be easily wiped of – unlike standard porous grout. Its faster than a regrout, cleaner than a regrout and cheaper than a regrout and will last longer than a regrout!

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